Golf Short Game Tips

The short game of golf can make the greatest difference in helping to lower your handicap the fastest. In fact developing a solid short game will indirectly help your long game since you will swing with greater confidence knowing that even if you occasionally miss a fairway or a green, you have the short game skills to be able to recover from mishit longer shots.

This is one of the keys to a better golf game and learning the short game well can help every aspect of your game. When hitting wedge shots you want to place the ball in the center of your stance. If you are hitting flop shots then you will want to move the ball further up in your stance so that you can get under the ball better and thus hit a higher shot.

Be focused on your targets with wedge shots and always pick a small target like an imaginary circle with a radius of one to two feet. There are unfortunately no shortcuts at getting good at wedge shots and only consistent practice will help you to develop the feel and distance control for great wedge play. Make sure that you spend as much time as possible practicing these wedge shots from 150 yards to 40 yards.

Chipping, flop shots and bunker shots are also very important and require regular practice also. Make sure to pick different lies and look for especially tough lies as this will help you to be more confident on the course since you will be ready for any lie that you are faced with.

Putting is all about confidence so you need to learn to think of yourself as a great putter and also to forget bad putts. Learn a putting style that you feel comfortable with and stick with that. When you are ready to hit your putts make sure that your mind is sharply focused on the target and only that and simply hit the putt trusting in your bodies natural ability to repeat an accurate putting stroke that you have trained that will send the ball with the right direction and speed. The short game is important to lower your golfing handicap however you should not ignore the other areas of your game like the long game and mental game.