Beauty tips you need to know

Applying false eye lashes

Do ALL of your eye make-up first. Invest in quality lash adhesive and apply a tiny amount to the false lash. Allow this to dry slightly so it’s not totally wet, and gently bend the lash into a curve as the glue sets.

Avoiding eye-shadow creasing

The only way to avoid eye-shadow creasing is to prepare the eyelid. Remove surface oil with a gentle toner or face wipe, buff on a tiny amount of concealer or foundation and set with a dusting of translucent powder. This leaves you with a lovely clean, oil free canvas to apply your eye colour.

Keeping the skin around your eyes in optimum condition

To keep the delicate skin around the eyes in optimum condition, make sure you remove every last scrap of make-up before bed each night. Mascara and eye shadow particles can irritate the eye area, causing inflammation that can cause aging. Use an oily eye make-up remover that is fragrance free, or a gentle face wipe and do not use too much pressure. If the skin around the eyes is moving or being tugged you are rubbing too hard.

Before you self-tan

Before you self-tan, always apply a little moisturiser to the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles to prevent the tanner “grabbing” on dry skin.

Preventing frizzy hair

To prevent frizzy hair, always gently squeeze water out of your locks with your towel after washing (rather than rubbing). Applying a product like Moroccan Oil to the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair before styling will leave it feeling silky and smooth. Let hair air dry as often as possible to prevent heat damage.

Applying foundation

When applying foundation, press and tap the product into the skin to build coverage. Rubbing foundation will only move it around. Using a foundation brush is a great start; tap on more product where you need extra coverage (usually around the nose and under the eyes).

Applying blush

If you’re not sure where to apply blush, smile in the mirror; the fleshy part of the cheek that pops out (called the “apple”) is where you want to apply your colour.

Getting the most out of your manicure

Get the most out of your manicure by applying an extra clear top coat every two to three days, especially over the edges of the nails.

Streamlining your beauty regime

Streamline your regime and regularly discard or give away old products you no longer use. Having just what you need at your fingertips will enable you to save time.

Never over-scrub your skin

A gentle face cloth used with your cleanser is a good way to exfoliate (go easy and don’t rub too hard). Being too rough with the skin will cause microscopic inflammation which can damage skin cells and collagen production.

Extra hydration for super dry skin

For super dry skin on the face or body, try a gentle plant oil for extra hydration. Coconut, almond, rosehip or olive oils are all good options.