Golf Putting Drills

Many a seasoned golfer will tell you that the golf short game can make you or break you. What happens on the green can ruin an otherwise good score. 3-putts, 4-putts, and even 5-putts occur more often than you think. That’s why practicing with a series of golf putting drills will help you on the green and improve your score.

By using effective golf putting drills, you can learn to get the ball into the hole in fewer strokes.

There are three essentials you should focus on when doing putting drills:

• Keeping the face square • Maintaining a smooth swing • Achieving distance control

Keeping the Face Square

Do you find yourself with the annoying habit of hitting the ball with your blade open or closed? If so, try this putting drill:

Place a ball on the practice green and put a tee in the ground about twelve inches behind the ball. Then, put a coin on the ground about six inches in front of the ball. Bring your putter back until it taps the tee and then swing it forward, watching to ensure that the face stays square as it passes over the coin.

Maintaining a Smooth Swing

You should always have a specific purpose and goal with your golf putting drills. With this next tip, you’ll learn to swing your club smoothly. This is key to maintaining your tempo and striking the ball solidly.

Again, place a ball on the practice green and stick a tee into the ground about 12 inches behind the ball. Now, bring the club back until it just barely nicks the tee, then immediately go into your fore-swing.

Keep your arms moving in a pendulum fashion and keep your hands still.

Achieving distance control

Perhaps one of the most crucial things to learn on the green is distance control. The only way to master this skill is through your own touch or feel. Nothing else can replace hands-on practice time when it comes to honing your skills on the green.

There are dozens of putting drills for distance control, but here’s one of the best.

First, place five tees in a line, four feet apart, with the last tee being 20 feet away. Now work on putting the ball to each of the tees consistently.

If it rolls a few inches past the tee, that’s okay. What you don’t want is for the ball to stop short of the target tee, or roll well beyond it.

What’s important about this exercise is that you are not aiming at a flag or a cup. That could distract you and cause you to focus more on accuracy than distance. Distance and accuracy must work together, but there are times when they should not be learned together.

These are three effective putting drills from the many available from golf pros and golfing websites. You must invest time and energy to improve your golf short game and master your skill on the green. Learn how to lag a putt, and how to read the green, but most of all, learn to love golf putting drills. They really do work.