Tips On Driving a Golf Ball

Hitting off the tee intimidates a lot of golfers. Here are some great tips on driving a golf ball: how to improve your ball control and get more distance.

Hitting longer drives is the goal of nearly every golfer. Of course, all the distance in the world won’t help you if you can’t strike it accurately.

The single most important key to hitting both a long and accurate shot is a proper set up. When you address the ball, you need to remember to get into a correct athletic stance. Your knees should be flexed and your feet approximately shoulder width apart.

Hitting the Ball Farther

We’re not talking about how hard you swing. No, the key here is figuring out how to properly coil and uncoil your body. This is very difficult if your knees are not flexed.

This is crucial. Flex your knees. Standing too tall will cause you to lose distance and force in your swing.

Make certain the Ball is played forward. This is an important item. When you are standing the right way, the ball should be located closer to your front foot. Your club will be more likely to get the ball into the air if you keep it ahead in your stance.

Your Back Swing

Another tip: your back swing doesn’t start in your hands. It starts in your hips. You must turn your hips properly if you’re going to accomplish your optimal potential distance. As your hips turn, your hands, arms and upper body will follow.

Your hip turn is just as important when you reach the tip of your back swing. Let your down swing begin with your hips, followed by your hands. Once you have the correct rotation of your hips mastered, you will observe a significant improvement in your distance.

When it comes to tips for accuracy, one of the most important is making sure your hands follow the club head at impact. Make sure to keep the club face square as it hits the ball; Otherwise, the ball will curve.

If you regularly hook or slice your ball, check your grip. The club face won’t be square when it hits the ball if your grip is too weak or too strong. For the best result, your grip should just be neutral; Your club will be less likely to be open or closed when you strike the ball.

One more tip: make sure to keep your stance square during your set up and swing. There may be times when you need to open or close your stance by moving your forward foot up or back, but a square stance (both feet in line with the target) is generally best. This is likewise true of your shoulders and hips. You’ll see your accuracy get better by keeping your body square to the target.

You can as well try out one of the newer drivers. The new 460 cc clubs weigh more than traditional drivers, and have a larger head. Don’t neglect to practice if you try a new driver. These clubs do need you to learn new skills, and you can only gain these by spending some hours on the range.